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ADG 2010 - Munich

ADG 2010 - Munich

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De ADG 2010 - Munich

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What was planned

We will meet in Munich (Odeonsplatz/Feldherrnhalle) on Friday at 14:30 for a guided tour by foot through the historic centre of Munich. The guided tour ends at the Olympiaturm at 18:00 (but we will go from the historic center to Olympiapark using subway).

The social event will take place in the restaurant in the Olympiaturm.

Munich tower.jpg

What happened

Thanks Pedro and Laurent for the pictures.

An evening at the BierGarten

Jurgen with a beer.JPG




A rainy day at the monks city

Rainy day.JPG

Rainy day2.JPG

A night at the tower

The whole group of happy people A lot of funny people

                Julien                 Jesus    Nicolas  Phil   Jacques     Michael  Laurent Thorsten Daniel
Dominique  Sandra  Vesna  Sana  Suzanne  Laurent  Pascal  Jürgen    Christophe    Pavel
       Tuan     Xiaoyu                 Simon                    Pedro

Daniel Jacques.JPG Daniel, Jacques, Phil and Laurent

Dominique Laurent.JPG Tetsuo, Laurent and Dominique

Michael Jesus.JPG Michael, Jesus, Francisco, Pavel and Juan

Michael Jurgend.JPG Jürgen, Juan's wife, Juan and Michael

Sandra Sana.JPG Sandra, Sana and Vesna

Thorstend Suzan.JPG Suzanne, Thorsten and Xiaoyu

Simon Nico.JPG Simon, Nicolas and Pascal

Tuan Christophe.JPG Julien, Christophe and Tuan

The last day