Outils personnels


De ADG 2010 - Munich


TODO List for Pascal

The communication with the PC

  • Organizing the refereeing process (via easychair)
  • Sending out invitations
  • Scheduling the program
  • ...
  • the web pages (since this involves both local and scientific information)
  • finding invited speakers (in close cooperation with the PC)

TODO List for Jürgen

  • Conference room
    • Will be at the Leibnitz Rechenzentrum [1] in The Garching Campus. A nice lecture room is reserved.
  • Conference techniques (computer access, e-mail, etc.)
  • Hotels
    • QUESTION: should they be close to the campus or in the city Center (~25 min by subway)
other questions : 
    - are the campus neighborhoods nice ? 
    - are the hotels expensive ?
    - using subway is easy ?
 Do you plane to include the hotel in the fees ?
  • Coffee breaks,
  • lunch, conference dinner, etc
    • Three Lunch possibilities are on campus
  • Excursions
  • ....


  • Conference Fee?
  • How to agree on the invited speakers?
  • Should the Excursions be far or close? Both Munich (Interesting museums science/art, great historic places,..) as well as Bavaria (Ludwig castles, mountains etc) offer a lot.


Previous participants


no information


Hongbo Li : Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science (China)

Julien Narboux : INRIA FUTURS (France)

Pedro Quaresma : University of Coimbra (Portugal)

Fabre Arnaud : LSIIT-CNRS (France)

Peter Lebmeir : Technical University of Munich (Germany)

Philip H. Todd : Saltire Software (USA)

Xiaoyu Chen : Beihang University (China) Dongming Wang : Beihang University (China) and UPMC-CNRS (France)

Pavel Pech : University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic)

Sean Wilson : University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

Daniel Lichtblau : Wolfram Research, Inc. (USA)

Miguel A. Abánades : CES Felipe II (Aranjuez, Spain)

Tomás Recio : Universidad de Cantabria (Spain)

Martin Peternell : Vienna University of Technology (Austria)

Robert Lewis : Fordham University (USA)

Eugenio Roanes-Lozano : Universidad Complutense (Spain)

Jesús Escribano : Universidad Complutense (Spain)

Marc Bezem : University of Bergen (Norway)

Ling Tang : Xiaolongtan Power Plant (Kaiyuan, China)

Jaime Carvalho e Silva : Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal)

Zeng Zhenbing : East China Normal University (China)

Thomas Hales : University of Pittsburgh (USA)

Dominique Michelucci : Dijon University (France)

José L. Valcarce : IES Pontepedriña (Santiago, Spain)

Francisco Botana : Vigo University (Spain)

John Owen : D-Cubed Ltd. (United Kingdom)

Thomas Gawlick : Landau University (Germany)

Manuel Sánchez-Gestido : Polytechnic University Madrid (Spain)